Weight Loss Journey – Day 4

With all the salt intake I had yesterday I figured I would gain weight and a lot more than I did.  When it only went up .2 lbs, I was pretty happy – especially since I’m still weighing less than last Thursday!

Weigh In:  170.1

Woke up a little after 6:15 a.m. to get that workout in before getting ready for work.

Activity:  3 sets of tricep kick backs, deadlifts with 10 lbs, seated twists; over 10k steps; writing this blog while on the treadmill.

Breakfast:  1 low carb wrap with a scrambled egg that had 2 pieces Wright maple bacon crumbled and diced onions, along with 1 TBSP light mayo.

Snack:  1.5 oz. salted cashews

Lunch:  1/2 plate filled with lettuce and homemade kimchi on top, 1/4 plate of chickpea pasta with italian dressing, tomatoes, sweet peppers and banana peppers, and 1/4 plate of homemade hamburger helper

Dinner:   1 lavash flatbread with homemade alfredo mushroom sauce, 1 smoked chicken breast diced, 5 thin slices swiss cheese, lettuce



Water is very important – especially if you are moving around a lot!  By the time I got done with the workout this morning, I had already drank 32 oz. of ice water again.  My goal typically is to have three 32 oz mugs of ice water by the time I go to bed.  If I walk over 12k steps, I’m definitely aiming to drink more water than that.

A few things I’m keeping an eye out on:

  • Amount of sugar in a serving – if it’s more than 4g, I am being cautious
  • Amount of protein in a serving – I’m aiming for at least 20g of protein per serving each meal
  • If I have a sweet tooth craving, I turn on the keurig and add creamer to my cup of coffee

Last week, each day I was losing weight – it wasn’t a lot, but I could see there was progress!  This is why I want to share with everyone what I am doing and I welcome any constructive comments as well.

**I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer by any means and my results can very much vary from anyone else’s.  Please keep that in mind and feel free to share this blog with friends!  


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