Day 24 – Bourbon Barrel Quad

On Saturday, December 24th the beer of the day is Bourbon Barrel Quad.  This is a barrel-aged ale and tastes amazing. This is 11.8% and is brewed by Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kristen’s shot of the day is Caruva horchata- looks amazing!

Day 23 – Santa’s Private Reserve

In Friday, December 23rd the beer of the day is Santa’s Private Reserve by Rogue.  It definitely is an IPA beer and luckily I was able to get help drinking this one! Kristen’s shot of the day is pineapple vodka. 

Day 22 -Six Mile Bridge

On Thursday, December 22nd I opened Six Mile Bridge, which is an Irish Red Ale.  At 5.5% alcohol, it drinks very smooth and is one added to my favorites.  Definitely worth a try!  It has slight flavors of toffee and caramel. My sisters shot of the day is pinnacle whipped vodka.

Day 21 -Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ Ale

On Wednesday, December 21st the beer of the day is Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ Ale, which is a Sweet Release.  This is from Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, CA and Chicago, IL.  At 9.7% alcohol, you can definitely smell a sweet IPA.  As I have stated several times already through the month of December, I’m not…

Day 20 – Snow & Tell

Today’s beer is Snow & Tell, an oak-aged scotch ale.  If you are a fan of beers that are barrel-aged – this is a must to try!  It is from Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City.  This has 6.3% alcohol. My sister’s shot of the day is New Amsterdam Peach vodka.

Day 18 -Three Philosophers

On Sunday, December 18th I opened Three Philosophers from Omme Gang Brewery.  At 9.7%, it is definitely an IPA that I will not ever try again. Kristen’s shot for today was a chocolate liquor –   I did get a chance to try this shot as well and it definitely does taste like chocolate milk!

Day 19 – City Wide American Pale Ale

On Monday, December 19th I realized there aren’t many beers left to open!  This has been a fun month trying these different kinds.  This beer for tonight though is one I will not add to the favorite’s list.  It’s from 4Hands Brewing Co. here in St. Louis, MO.  At 5.5%, this is considered an IPA…

Day 17 -Celebrator

On Saturday, December 17th I opened Celebrator from Ayinger Brewery.  This is a Bavarian Double Bock beer and tastes really good – it has definitely been added to the favorites! Kristen’s shot of the day Sweet Retreat Peach Cobbler – I did end up getting to taste this one as well and it was OK.

Day 16 – Backwoods Bastard

Friday, December 16th I opened Founder’s Backwoods Bastard beer.  This ale is aged in oak bourbon barrels and tastes amazing.  If you have not tried this beer yet, I would highly recommend it. Day 16 for my sister is Mr. Stacks Cinnamon Schnapps – 30% alcohol.  She said this one tastes just like Fireball. 🙂

Day 15 – Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale

The beer for Thursday, December 15th is another substitute for an IPA… this is a beer I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t ever wanted to buy a 4-pack of it.  This Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale is brewed by Wells & Young’s Brewing out of Bedford, UK.  It is 5% alcohol and definitely has a…

Day 14 -Liliko’i Kepolo Tropical & Tart

On Wednesday, December 14th, I opened Liliko’i Kepolo Tropical & Tart beer, which is a Belgian-style white ale brewed with spices and passion fruit.  At 5.4% alcohol, this isn’t that bad of a beer.  It is drinkable, like a majority of the others tried, but I wouldn’t put it on my favorites list.  This is…

Day 13 -King Louie Toffee Stout

On Tuesday, December 13th I tried O’Fallon King Louie Toffee Stout.  This is brewed by O’Fallon Brewery in Maryland Heights, Missouri.  At 6.3% alcohol, it’s not too bad and has a little bit of a toffee taste to it.  I had seen this beer a week or so ago and was tempted to buy it,…