2020 Craft Beer Advent Box

We have finished our craft beer advent box for 2020, and below is a list of the beers included in this year’s box. I haven’t created this type of post for the previous ones we have done, but figured I’d do something different this year.

To take a picture of these beers on the stairs with two cats in the house, I waited till it was light out for the one to go outside and the younger one to calm down just a bit…

Out of these, there were only a handful we really would buy again, should we see them in the store.  Next year, we plan to shop for the beer on our own, and I am thinking of doing a wine advent box as well, but again, make up our own selection.

Day 1 – Brownie Points

Day 2 – For the Graham

Day 3 – Breakfast Stout

Day 4 – Be Civil

Day 5 – Omar Porter

Day 6 – Fantastic Voyage

Day 7 – Ellie’s Brown

Day 8 – Dragon’s Milk Reserve

Day 9 – German Chocolate Cake Stout

Day 10 – Six Mile Bridge

Day 11 – Peanut Butter Cup Stout

Day 12 – Xocoveza

Day 13 – Cabra Loca

Day 14 – Old Jubilation

Day 15 – Winter Grind Coffee Stout

Day 16 – Chocolate Milk Stout

Day 17 – Nitro Chai Milk Stout

Day 18 – Shiner Holiday Cheer

Day 19 – Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout

Day 20 – Cat Spit Stout

Day 21 – On Fleek

Day 22 – Dark Matter Porter

Day 23 – Maduro Brown Ale

Day 24 – Christmas Ale


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