Day 8 – Dragon’s Milk Reserve

On Tuesday, December 8th, 2020, we opened Dragon’s Milk Reserve.  At first I thought we had this one last year, since they had an Oatmeal Cookie that was amazing, since it has the same colors, but then realized it was a 2020 batch.

This is a bourbon barrel-aged stout with vanilla and chai spices.  It is their 2020 Reserve 3.  At 11%, it is definitely a sipper.  Dragon’s Milk is brewed by New Holland Brewing Company in Holland, Michigan.

If you zoom in on the picture above, it will say ‘A throwback to one of our favorite releases, the final Reserve of 2020 was aged for three months in select bourbon barrels.  Deep roasted notes from premium malts combine with the sweet tones of vanilla and a blend of delicious chai spices to create an experience made to be savored.”

Josh is a fan of this one, but I am not – the chai spices are not a favorite of mine at all.  They are not too overpowering, but they are there.  You can taste a hint of vanilla, but not as much as the spices.  There is also not that bourbon barrel flavor that you typically get with these.  This beer is one Josh would get more of, but definitely not me.


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