Day 8 – Pumpkin Barrel Ale & Jolly Russian

On the 8th day, two awesome types of beer were opened!  Both we have never tried or heard of before, and ended up being a lot better than what I had thought.  There was a Russian Imperial Stout and a Pumpkin Barrel Ale – both aged in a barrel… one rum and one bourbon.  Want to guess which is which before reading further?


When I was in the Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton, Missouri the week of Thanksgiving, I had one of the employees help me choose some beer to put in our Advent box.  I mixed up the type of beer my boyfriend likes to drink, which may have had something to do with the beer I was drinking while shopping 😉

I am he was able to try this one first because now I am looking forward to it.  I was also nervous on whether it would be liked or not because after I bought the beer, I remembered it was an Irish stout he likes… He had the Jolly Russian stout and it ended up being a hit!  The Jolly Russian imperial stout is a Cellar Series by Odell Brewing Company out of Fort Collins, Colorado.  When you smell the beer, there is not an overpowering aroma at all – you can smell some of the rum but not much.  At 13% ABV, he said it definitely hits the pallete almost perfect and is like a Giradelli dark chocolate with a caramel flavor… very smooth and really likes it.  Has a very silky taste and there is absolutely no bitterness.  When I took a sip, I agree with that comment because I am not a dark chocolate fan at all.  This is definitely a beer we would pick up a 4 or 6 pack of if we ever saw it in the store.  It has such a unique name that I am sure we would remember it as well.


My beer is the Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale.  Since I did not put this in my boyfriend’s box (because he doesn’t like pumpkin flavored beer), I did let him try it (as the others) and he said he would definitely drink it.  This is brewed by Alltech’s Brewing Company in Lexington, Kentucky.  The other night I had a pumpkin ale by Crown’s Brewery and as I compared this one to that, this Kentucky ale definitely has balanced their spices.  You can not taste as much spice as you could with the other, which I really like.  This is definitely a fall-type of beer to drink… or on a wintry day where you are wanting to drink a nice pumpkin flavored beer.  At 10% ABV, this is a beer I would pick up a 4 or 6 pack of if we saw it in the store.  For those of you that aren’t a fan of pumpkin flavored beer, but like bourbon barrel aged beer, try this one.  I believe you would be impressed.

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