Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

It’s definitely been a transition to the U.P.  Tonight I ended up cooking jambalaya and Baked Parmesan Tomatoes with leftover asparagus.  That side is definitely better with a main fish dish like salmon, but I’ve been wanting to try these tomatoes for about a week.

When making recipes, it is very hard for me to take pictures of what I cook beforehand because I really don’t know what ingredients I am going to all use… especially in the beginning.  This one was a bit different though – there were only a few extra ingredients I used to modify this recipe I had found on pinterest:

Maybe next time drizzling some red wine over the tomatoes could be good?

Right as I put these tomatoes in the oven, I remembered asparagus being leftover from the other night.  I quickly grabbed the pan out of the oven and added the asparagus.


I was the only one that had tried the tomatoes, which I think would be even better on a hot lunchmeat sandwich.  The asparagus were good, too… even being leftovers.



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