Family Fare Shoppers – Free Wednesday Item!

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Inspiration from the real world!

For those of you who have a Family Fare store close by, did you know there is a free item  you can ‘clip’ to your card every Wednesday?  Where we moved to in the UP of Michigan, Family Fare and Family Dollar are the stores we go grocery shop at unless we want to cross the bridge (an $8 round trip for the bridge fee) or drive about an hour north to go to Meijers or Walmart.

As we got settled, I ended up getting my own Family Fare card since I needed it to link to my Ibotta account to get credit on certain purchases.  If you aren’t familiar with Ibotta, it’s a great app where you can get money back on certain items… sometimes it’s an ‘any brand’, so it doesn’t matter what specific brand is actually purchased.  I’ll write more of a specific post about Ibotta, but…

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