Day 6 – Imperial Biscotti Break/Imperial Java Stout/Apple Pie

Winter has started here in Michigan!  Seeing it snow all day was fun, and very pretty to watch – especially since I work from home and didn’t have to go anywhere.  When I decided to move up here, I was told about the Michigan winters and the snow… but I wasn’t told how big the icicles get!  I’ve never seen such a sight before… definitely have to be careful when going out the door. 🙂


The beers blindly chosen today were Eviltwin Brewing Imperial Biscotti Break and Santa Fe Brewing Co. Imperial Java Stout.


The Imperial Biscotti Break stout is 11.5% ABV, so it’s definitely a stronger stout.  It is good… definitely worth a try for those of you that love stouts.  The brewery is out of Stratford, CT.

The Imperial Java Stout has a nice coffee smell to it.  On the side of the can, it says:

     “Oh hey. You seem a little tired.  Maybe you should have some “coffee.” And by coffee,  we mean “beer.”  And by beer, we mean “a can of this imperial stout made with          locally roasted coffee beans.”

This stout tastes very good and is 8.0% ABV.  Santa Fe Brewing is out of Santa Fe, NM.

Kristen’s shot for the night is Apple Pie – if I remember correctly, this one was really good last year!





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