Day 5 – Space Station Middle Finger/Spicy Mayan/Whipped Cream Vodka

Tonight we had an amazing dinner of venison roast… being able to smell it from outside the cabin was pretty nice!


After coming back from a personal one-on-one painting instruction, it was time to eat and then blindly pick our beers for the night!  Every night I silently wish to get a good beer… when I opened my eyes, Josh and I both had a beer in our hands wrapped in red tissue paper… coincidence?

Space Station Middle Finger and Spicy Mayan were the beers chosen.

For Space Station Middle Finger… it is an APA.  A drinkable APA at that though.  This has average alcohol content.  It is an American Pale Ale brewed by Three Floyds Brewing Company.

The Spicy Mayan is from Rochester Mills – this was part of the 12 days of Christmas box I had bought in Bay City at Ideal Party Store.  The smell is great… it is a stout brewed with lactose, cocoa nibs, cinnamon and habaneros.  You definitely get that spiciness at the end… kinda like a bloody mary you would have in the morning to cure a hangover.  The spiciness is not too bad at all.  This is 5.2% ABV.


As for Kristen… she gets the whipped cream vodka to try tonight!  In my opinion, this would be a great one to put in a cheesecake.



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