Fresh Cravings Salsa

This post is a little overdue… especially since this salsa is amazing!  If you are a fan of salsa like we are, this is one to definitely give a try.  The only reason why we did try this is because iBotta had a rebate and salsa was on our list to get. 🙂  If you don’t have iBotta yet, click here (it has my link and if you sign up using it, you’ll get a sign-on bonus once you complete your first rebate).

With the rebate, we had to buy two and I believe we received a dollar back… and it was worth it.  They have different types of spicy levels, and medium is the one we will get.  The night we opened up the salsa, my boyfriend said it was ‘ok’.  After a few more chips and salsa though, he changed his feelings about it and now it is the only salsa we will buy… rebate through iBotta or not.  I did email the company today to let them know how awesome it is, so hopefully we will get some coupons!  This is only sold through Walmart though and is found where the fresh vegetables are at – usually where you’ll find the salads.

When you are heading to Walmart next, and salsa is on your list, look for this one and it may become your new favorite as well!

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