Crown Royal Salted Caramel Whiskey

If you saw a picture of this Crown Royal flavored whiskey, would you try it?  Would you go to almost every party store to see if they have it available?  When I first saw an image of this, it peaked my interest.  Anything salted caramel I’d be willing to try – and Crown Royal… it is probably smooth.


The day we ran into this at Walmart of all places, I got a bit excited to say the least.  Good thing no one was behind us in checkout when I happened to look back and see this right behind us.

You can definitely taste the caramel with the salty flavor leaving a bit of an aftertaste.  It is worth it to at least try.  If you are looking for a nice ‘sipping’ drink, and you like the salted caramel flavor, this could be your next favorite drink… but keep in mind, it is limited edition!

Looking back, if it would have been available in a mini shot bottle, I would have bought that versus the big bottle … however, I never saw those advertised. 🙂


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