Day 3: Coffee Stout, Ninja Vs. Unicorn, The Manhattan Rye Whiskey

A cloudy day with light snow showers today!  After dinner we found what beer was in store for us, as well as the shot.  I knew the IPA was inevitable… and today is the day for me.  Not quite sure if the stout box has any in it, but I know in mine there are at least 6.  For those that know me, know that I despise IPA’s.. however, we were told if you let that IPA sit a year, it’s more drinkable.  Can’t do that with an open IPA though!


My better half gets another coffee stout, which is actually one I had picked up while in St. Louis, as I wasn’t sure if it was one we have had before.  This is a Winter Grind Coffee Stout brewed and bottle in Springfield, Missouri at Mother’s Brewing Company.  This is 6% ABV.  On the bottle it says the profile is bright cold brew coffee, rich roasted malt, lingering coffee finish.  This one definitely has a coffee finish to it, but is not as good as the one from last night.  There is somewhat of a bitterness, but not too bad.

As I am finishing off one of my new favorite brews (Iced Coffee Blonde by Blue Moon), I silently dread the Double IPA.  The can is very cool though!  This is Ninja Va. Unicorn Double IPA brewed by Pipeworks Brewing Company, and is 8% ABV.  The can art is by Jason Burke at Ink & Lead Designs.  IPAs are not my favorite at all – and this one has not changed my mind.  If you are an IPA fan though, that one is definitely for you… especially since you’d get a cool can!


If you look close, you’ll see my shot glass says ‘Plastered’.  It also has the definition on the glass itself.  This shot will be a chaser at best to that IPA.

The shot for tonight is Over the Barrel, The Manhattan.  It is made with rye whiskey, vermouth, natural flavor and caramel color.. 86 proof and 43% ABV… that’ll wake ya up!  It’s a good sipper though!  Doesn’t quite get rid of the IPA taste though haha.




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