Day 16 – Coconut Macaroons & Porter

On the sixteenth day of December we opened a beer from The Bruery and one from Old Bakery.


My boyfriend had the Porter, which he said he’s had before… my bad on that one, but good news is he really likes that beer.  This is brewed by Old Bakery Beer Company located in Alton, Illinois.  At 5.6% ABV, this is a classic English-style black ale brewed with black malt, chocolate malt and roasted barley.  Obviously, this would be one that we would pick up in the store, since it’s been picked up by my boyfriend before.


My beer is one of the favorites of this set.  Coconut Macaroons by The Bruery out of Placentia, California.  Even if you are not a fan of coconuts, this is still a good one to pick up.  At 13% ABV, it’s definitely a sipper!




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