Day 1 – Steel Toe Milk Stout & Rogue Cold Brew IPA

Our advent box has started and we opened Day 1’s beer last night.  For some reason when shopping for the different type of beer to put into our advent boxes, you would think the person that doens’t like IPA’s would notice the IPA in the name on the front of the can.  This wasn’t the case for this beer as you can see, since obviously all that I apparently saw was ‘Cold Brew’. :-\

Day 1 beer for my boyfriend was Steel Toe Milk Stout by SKA Brewing in Durango, Colorado.  It has won a couple of awards.  At 5.5% ABV, it wasn’t a bad beer.  Would we buy this one again though?  It didn’t stand out that much, so we’d probably pass on purchasing any more.


Day 1 beer for me was Rogue Cold Brew IPA.  As soon as I realized it was an IPA I shook my head since I tried to stay away from buying any IPA’s… it wasn’t going to go to waste though!  As I opened it and took a whiff to be prepared for what it could taste like, there was definitely the IPA smell.  All that could be hoped for was that it would be drinkable.  This is an IPA blended with cold brew coffee.  For those that love coffee and IPA’s, you will want to pick one of these up if you ever see it in a store.  At 7.5% ABV, every sip wasn’t as bad as other IPA’s I’ve had, but if you are trying this and then also drinking a beer that is not an IPA… you may want to wait till you are about done drinking for the night unless you can get that taste out of your mouth some other way.  This is not a beer I would pick a 6 pack up or get another single of though.


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