Beer Advent Box 2018!

It is about that time of year again for us to start the 2018 adult advent box which will have a new variety of beer!  For those of you reading this for the first time, this all stemmed from when I lived in St. Louis and found that the Craft Beer Cellar puts together an advent box for beer lovers.  The good thing is I was able to try different beer I hadn’t tried before.  The bad thing was some were IPA’s…

With putting your own advent box together, it takes time and also trying to remember which beer you had the year before so you aren’t trying the same ones year after year.  This year my boyfriend and I are doing this again, so there will be some that you’ll see a couple different times, but we won’t ever drink the same one one day unless it is one that we share.


If you count the beer above, there *should* be 48 (24 x 2 = 48)… however, there are not.  I miscounted and fortunately realized that when I was wrapping these all together.  We are also sharing some of the bigger bottles. 🙂

The first year of doing this, it was me trying a different beer every day from December 1st through the 24th and my sister participated as well by trying a different shot from December 1st through the 24th.

The second year my boyfriend and I tried a different beer every day December 1st – 24th and my sister tried a different shot again December 1st – 24th.

With this being the third year, my sister has opted out but my boyfriend and I decided this would be fun to do again.


Keep an eye out for the blog posts to start here soon!


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