Day 17 – Lump of Coal/Carrot Cake/Butterscotch Liqueur

When we got back to the cabin we found how much more snow accumulated… this was pretty cool to see and I couldn’t help but put a handprint in the snow. 🙂


The beers chosen were Lump of Coal and Carrot Cake.  Kristen’s shot of the night was Butterscotch Liqueur.

The Lump of Coal is a favorite of ours.  It is a dark holiday stout and at 8% ABV, it’s a nice drink to have at the end of the night.  On the front of the bottle, it says ‘Much More Than You Deserve for Xmas This Year…’

The Carrot Cake beer is part of the 12 days of Christmas and is made by Rochester Mills.  This is 5.2% ABV and even though I’m not a carrot cake fan, this still wasn’t too bad.  Still wouldn’t be one I’d buy at the store if I saw it, but would be worth it for anyone to at least try once… how often do you see a carrot cake beer?

Kristen’s butterscotch shot looks pretty good in that awesome shot glass!


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