Day 15 – Darkstar/German Chocolate Cake/Red Licorice

The beers for Day 15 were Darkstar (which I believe I’ve written about before) and German Chocolate Cake.  Kristen’s shot of the night was red licorice.

The Darkstar beer is a coffee stout at 8% ABV made by Big Lake Brewing in Holland, Michigan.  It is an OK beer – worth at least a try to taste, especially if you like coffee stouts.

The German Chocolate Cake is 5.2% ABV and you can definitely taste the coconut.  As the side of the can says, Beer.  You should always leave room for dessert. 🙂  This is one that was good, but since I’m not that big of a coconut fan, I would probably pass on buying this at a store.  This one was also part of the 12 Days of Christmas box.

Kristen’s shot of red licorice… I hope she enjoyed that! 🙂


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