Day 14 – Backwoods Bastard/Chocolate Milk/Whisky Cream Liqueur

The beers chosen for Day 14 were Chocolate Milk Stout and Backwoods Bastard.  Kristen’s shot was a whisky cream liqueur.

If you are a Founder’s fan, Backwoods Bastard is definitely one you should try.  It is one of our favorites as well.  It is aged in oak bourbon barrels and is a nice sipper at the end of a long day to have.  It is 11.21% ABV.

When I moved to St. Louis, the Chocolate Milk Stout became a favorite of mine pretty quickly.  When I learned it was limited in when they serve it, that became a manhunt at times to try and find.  This is made by 4Hands Brewing and is 5.5% ABV.

Kristen’s whisky cream liqueur is a good one – wishing I would have bought one myself!


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