Day 2 – Widow Maker/Uncommon Stout/Vodka

Tonight we closed our eyes and randomly selected a beer from our boxes.  Kristen opened the other shot she brought with her…

The first time I had Widow Maker was at a restaurant in Caseville, MI.  Don’t be afraid of the dark it says on the side of the can. 🙂  This is made by Keweenaw Brewing Company here in Michigan.  It is a definite must to try if you ever head up this way.

The Uncommon Stout by Bent River in Illinois is a coffee stout that is actually very good!  We would buy this if we ran across it up here in Michigan… very smooth.  It is 5.4% ABV.

As for Kristen… she should have brought one of her mixers with her that I added into the bundle this year.  Not sure what she ended up doing… but it’s pure vodka tonight for her! 😉



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