Day 3 – Yeti Imperial Stout/Vanilla Porter/Jack Daniels Honey

Tonight’s beer is Yeti Imperial Stout and Vanilla Porter.  Kristen ended up opening Jack Daniels Honey.

The Yeti Imperial Stout is brewed in Denver Colorado and is 9.5%ABV.  To me, it is a bit hoppy.  Josh likes it though – says it has a coffee flavor.

The Vanilla Porter is from Gonzo’s Biggdogg Brewing in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  If you are looking for a sweeter stout, this is it.  We were at the Blind Squirrel in Gaylord when I was first introduced to this beer.  It has a really good java vanilla flavor.  At 7% ABV it still has a smooth taste.

Kristen’s shot of Jack Daniel’s Honey is one of our favorites… it is good mixed with Rumchata – however, that is not one of the mixers I included in her basket though.



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