It’s about time again!

Last year I purchased an adult advent box from the Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton, MO.  Since it will be December before we know it, this year there are 3 participants so far… me, my sister and my boyfriend.  Kristen will be doing a different shot every day from December 1st – December 24th and Josh and I will be drinking a different beer.

A party store in Bay City, Michigan had posted a picture of this on their Facebook page… once we read all the different types of beer inside, I knew it was a must to get!  Plus, that’s 12 beers out of the 24 needed… for me at least. 🙂

I know it said ‘no peeking!’ and I really didn’t… just needed a place to hold the box 😉


As soon as we get to December 1st, the daily postings will begin again!


The ads help some for revenue, but helping to donate to encourage me to write even more would be much appreciated!



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