Day 5 – Dale’s Pale Ale (IPA)

Day 5 is here and so is Dale’s Pale Ale which is brewed and canned by Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado.  At Alc. 6.5% by Vol, this is definitely an IPA that you don’t want to miss.  Me on the other hand, as one that does not care for IPA’s, decided this would be a great beer to cook with.  I did take a sip of it, which by the taste and smell you can determine is an IPA right off the bet.

For dinner tonight I already had brats thawed and decided macaroni and cheese would be a great side dish… with not having any milk to boil the noodles in, and already planning on boiling the brats in beer, the IPA came in handy for both (mixed with Blue Moon since I thought I would be drinking tonight’s choice of beer).

Tonight is a great night for my sister, too, with the shot of the day being Cazul tequila.  I sure hope it tastes a lot better than Jose Cuervo!  **12.6.16** Update from my sister on this… we apparently both had some pretty disgusting alcohol on the 5th.  Without salt and a lime it’s ‘especially not good’.  Note taken!



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