2019 Craft Beer Advent Box Time!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It is that time of year again!  This time I took a break from creating our own box and ordered them from the Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton, MO.  When the email came through, stating that pre-orders were being accepted, I learned quickly that shipping was also an option!  As soon as they were open, I called to find out if they would ship to Michigan.  “Yes” was the answer and that was pretty exciting news to learn that morning. 🙂

A week or so later, I ordered two boxes – the standard, and the stout mix.


Starting tomorrow, my better half and I will be trying a new beer every evening.  My sister has decided to not participate this year again, so I suppose we will also be sharing a shot from this box along with the beer…


When I learned a couple weeks before the craft beer advent boxes were going to be shipped, I found out that there would be a meeting I’d attend at the office of the company I work for.  It’s actually located in Clayton, and since I would not be at home to sign for the boxes (since they were supposed to ship and arrive the same time I would not be there), I called and they reimbursed the shipping cost since I’d be able to pick them up while there in the city.

While in the St. Louis area, I went to World Market, which is a favorite store of mine to get different gifts.  While browsing around, the above spirits and liqueurs calendar caught my attention… especially when I saw it was less than $50.

Maybe one of these years we will be able to add a wine advent box on top of these two. 🙂  We just saw a wine one at Meijer’s for $99.99… Aldi’s has them a lot cheaper ($59.99).

Either the day of or the day after I’ll be writing a blog post of the beer and shot tried December 1 – December 25.


Looking for more ways to save money before and after the holidays?  Check out the list below!  Some links may be affiliate related, which earns me a bonus and possibly you as well!  Those that I know that go both ways, I’ll be sure to make note.

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ibotta – one of the first apps I used for rewards in 2013.  This is a favorite of mine since you learn about so many new products out there… if you are wanting to try that new seasoning, why not get money back as well?  Since 2013, I have earned $1,124.59.

Achievement– use a Fitbit or other type of tracker?  Check out Achievement.  It will count your steps and earn you points, which can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card.

GetUpside – you may have heard of this one on the radio, but if you have a car and get gas often, check this one out.  With living in the U.P. of Michigan, I didn’t think there would be a gas station that participated.  It does!  The money back fluctuates, but one day it was 20 cents per gallon it would give back.  Since starting to use in June 2019, I’ve earned $10.50 so far.  For signing up using my referral, you will get an extra 15 cents back per gallon.  I will get $7 after you send a successful receipt.  Their support team is also awesome if they are ever needed!

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