“UP” Sushi!

For those of you that are not sushi fans, this is a post worth reading because I used to be one of those that refused to eat it.  It seemed as if every one of my friends loved sushi so I became a rebel and would say ‘no’ every time since I thought it was all fish eggs.  What I thought were ‘fish eggs’ was the rice… silly, huh?

I want to say the first time having sushi was with my sister when I went for a visit.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought and didn’t know there were different types of sushi… I’m still not very familiar with the different types, but I know what I do like, which is anything cooked and not entirely raw.  Especially when it is deep friend and has cream cheese with crabmeat!

As I grew up the country, then moved to the city of St. Louis for a bit, I grew a liking even further to sushi – especially the sake that they would serve at one place we would all get together for our meetups.  If you are new to a city, check out the app called Meetup – you could possibly meet your next best friend!

Since we moved to the UP of Michigan, I haven’t had much luck finding what we need to make real sushi, or maybe I am not looking hard enough.  Either way, I found an amazing recipe on Pinterest that I think turned out pretty good!  If you are not a cucumber lover, it would probably be best to hold off on dicing a cup of those potent veggies. 🙂  If you are a fan, chop away.


As the rice finished in the rice cooker, I proceeded to add the rice vinegar and sugar – as not being a fan of salt, I did leave that part out.


Once done, I didn’t wait for the rice to cool since I was so anxious to get the rice in a measuring cup to see if that part really worked… then I realized that I forgot to spray it.  However, surprisingly enough, it dropped right out!  I used 1/4 cup for this part (maybe a smaller cup next time?).

As I dropped the first rice “stacker” out, I decided to turn it over to make the little cup to put the filling in. Not sure if that is what I was supposed to do, but did it anyways – this is an experiment, right?

My boyfriends’ daughter loves sushi so I took her the following plate, which she made a nice compliment of the presentation… she really likes cucumbers, so she didn’t think it was overpowering like I did (good to know – at least she liked them!).

I don’t have the wasabi sauce, so I used Sriracha instead to dribble around the sushi.


These are not sushi rolls, but it is OK – eating one or two is about as filling as eating a whole sushi roll you would have at a restaurant or a store.

What I would do different next time:

  • Put more cucumbers in one mix and less in the other
  • Not add avocados since those do brown easily
  • Mix the cucumbers, crabmeat/lobster/shrimp, mayo and sriracha all together instead of putting it in layers
  • Use a smaller measuring cup so that they are more bite/snack size

If you have any questions on how these were prepared, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.


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