Day 12 – Widow Maker/Strawberry/Caramel Apple

This is a day late due to the internet acting up last night… I was able to get a picture of our growing icicles though yesterday!  The white streaks are snow, just in case you can’t tell.


The beers blindly chosen were Widow Maker and Strawberry Milkshake stout.  I had already written about the Widow Maker in a previous post, but it is definitely one of our favorites.

For the Strawberry Milkshake Stout, this was from Rochester Mills and at 5.2% ABV, it’s pretty smooth.  The smell of it actually reminds me of the Neopolitan Milk Stout I had last year.  Every time I see that one in the store I am tempted to buy a 4 pack of it because for one, it’s usually not too expensive and it has a unique flavor.  The Strawberry Milkshake Stout was part of the 12 days of Christmas box I had purchased from Ideal Party Store in Bay City, Michigan.  The side of the can… I didn’t notice till I went to sit down and relax.


Kristen’s shot was Caramel Apple by Pinnacle.  If I remember correctly, that one isn’t as good as what it sounds. 🙂


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