Schlafly Imperial Coffee Stout

Are you a fan of beer that is aged in bourbon barrels?  You will love this one!  The Beer Cellar in Clayton sent an email out to its subscribers saying to keep an eye on Twitter because they’ll be accepting holds on this.  As my boyfriend and I are fans of coffee stouts (and beer that is aged in bourbon barrels), I tried to text fast enough to have a hold placed on a 4-pack, but did not have any luck.  Luckily, when I went in a few days later, they had lifted the hold and I was able to get a couple to try for $5 each.

If you have ever tried Black Xantus beer, you’ll definitely love this one.  It has such a great aroma and the taste is very smooth.  At 10.20% ABV, it’s a great night cap.  If you haven’t tried this one – definitely look into it – it is well worth it!



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