Day 24 – Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout

Who out there is familiar with Sam Adam’s Utopias?  We weren’t until recently and if you happen to see this 4-pack, it is worth every penny.  I was trying to find the last few beers to fill our advent box and saw this 4 pack, which I thought was a certain price.  At checkout, it was about double… I told myself the beer better be good!

When you pour this beer and smell what’s in the glass, you’ll think oh wow – this is going to be a good beer.  We had no idea what the alcohol percentage was until after we opened the bottle, which explains the price tag (again, well worth it!).  It is 17.3% ABV.  The aroma to me smells like a tawny port wine… to me, this is such a nice smell.  Out of all the beers we had in our advent box, this is one we watched a video of and it made us appreciate the beer that much more.   Be sure to check out the website and watch the ‘Quick Sip Clip’ –

This beer is from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery out of Milton, DE.  When we are vacationing in that area, we will definitely be visiting.

We have seen Utopias before – usually behind a locked glass because they are so expensive.  This craft beer I imagine gives us a glimpse into what is in that expensive bottle – definitely something to cherish.  This made Christmas Eve a bit better!   We would grab another 4 pack of this because it is that enjoyable.


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