Day 1 – Spoils of War Milk Stout with Maple

On December 1st, 2021, our first beer is a milk stout called ‘Spoils of War’.  Southern Prohibition Brewing in Hattiesburg, MS is where Spoils of War comes from and is 7.1%.  

This is a smooth beer and a great sipper on a cool night!  It is a mild milk stout with a hint of the maple.  Definitely an easy drinking dark beer and is one we would pick up should we see this in the store, or if we are down in the area of where this beer is brewed at, we’ll be sure to stop by!  There is not a bitter aftertaste either.  

I reached out to the brewery and heard from the Head Brewer, who shared some additional information about this beer.  I love how quick I received a response today!  As much as I tried to reword what he shared, I felt as if it would be best to put what he said in his words, as it’s definitely a great story behind this beer.  Be sure to check out their site, too! 

Spoils of War milk stout was originally brewed early 2018 (an estimate, as they do brew many beers and it can be hard to keep track!).  It was born as a single batch milk stout and at the time a more complex grain bill than we would do for a core or seasonal beer. The beer was and still is a rich, thick, and toasted treat and was received so well I decided to barrel age some. After a year in bourbon barrels, we blended and split into several different versions and sold in the winter of 2019. Up until this point the beer was strictly one off or single batches packaged into 22oz bottles and when it was gone it was gone. Fast forward to the end of this year we decided to bring this fan favorite back but with a few updates. We opted to can into a 16oz can and sell by the 4 pack along with taking the toasty base beer and complimenting a pinch of maple syrup with it. The results have created a perfect winter dark beer.”


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