Day 22 – Bourbon Barrel Stout/Whiskey Barrel Stout/Chocolate

As we went to visit family for Christmas, halfway to our destination I had realized forgetting our beers… so these next few posts have been delayed due to that.

On our way back yesterday, we did run into some wintry weather…


When we safely made it back and were ready to unwind a bit, we opened one of the 3 beers left.  Josh had the Bourbon Barrel Stout by Goodwood.  At 8% ABV, this is a great beer to sip on.  For those of you that love the bourbon barrel beers, this is a must to try.  It is out of Louisville, Kentucky.

The Whiskey Barrel Stout is one that Josh had tried earlier on in December, and is definitely a sipper.  I was looking forward to having this one, so I’m glad it was my turn! 🙂

Kristen’s shot of the night was Tolon-Tolon.  This is a great chocolate liqueur!


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