Adult Advent Beer Box – December 1st Beer Revealed!

This year I was introduced to the Advent Box for adults.  The email came to me from a local craft beer store that I will frequently go to.  As I looked more into this, the idea seemed pretty interesting.  As the price was a bit high for this box, I decided to try it out – every day starting December 1st you get to try a different beer that the staff picks out.

Since today is December 1st, the first beer has been opened and it’s pretty good!  It is called Winter White Ale from Bell’s Brewery in Michigan.  Before tasting any drink, I usually smell it first – this one you can definitely smell the spices, but they are not too strong at all.  At 5.0%, this is a light beer and in my opinion is drinkable.  I don’t believe I would buy a 6 pack of this kind, but I would recommend anyone to at least try it.  In a way it reminds me of a Blue Moon, which may be because this is Belgian inspired.

As I read more about the beer advent box, I realized someone could make these on their own, but mix it up a bit.  This is a great gift idea for those that love to drink and try new things.  I decided to ask my sister if she’d like to participate, which she did – however, hers is with shots (and 1 beer).  As I was checking out at Total Wine with the multiple airplane shots, it was asked if I was traveling.  Unfortunately not, but as the idea was explained, they thought it was a great one.  My sister enjoyed her first shot and said it tastes like the Apple Pie drink that I make (with Everclear).  That is the type of drink that you can drink a ton of and not realize how much it affects you until after you stand up to get more.



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